Flatnuke 2.7 is out

Frutto di un grandissimo lavoro ecco a voi la versione 2.7. Permettetemi stavolta di includere il changelog in home page!

Add: Site search uses Ajax technology
Add: New preview function also for proposed news
Add: Theme can have its own footer images
Add: Look at where other users live with Google Maps
Add: New Flatnuke administration panel
Add: robots.txt improves web crawlers' management
Add: Dynamically build page's title
Add: Customize sections' meta tags (idea from Remer)
Add: New configuration variable $sitedescription
Change: AHAH library upgrade (v1.1.3)
Change: Nautica theme update to theme engine v1
Change: Gallery upgrade (v0.8)
Change: Spam filters improved (some code from Michele Tartara)
Fix: Fixed possibility to register usernames with dot "." inside
Fix: Fixed RSS generation with XML-RPC engine (thanks to Alfredo Cosco)
Fix: Fixed load_php_code() usage (thanks to Alfredo Cosco)
Fix: Fixed various XSS bug (thanks to Mattia Meleleo and kingoftheworld92)
Fix: Fixed CSRF bug on verify.php (thanks to Mattia Meleleo)
Fix: Fixed CSRF bug on index.php (thanks to The_RaV[3]N and RBT-4 guys)

Aldo Boccacci :
Add: new functions: list_users(), list_admins(), check_mail(), check_username()
Add: new functions: load_user_view_permissions(),load_user_edit_permissions()
Add: new functions: fn_is_system_dir(), fn_die(), get_mod(), get_file_var()
Add: mail registration for new users (with spam filter for email addresses)
Add: plugin for searching users
Change: user profiles moved to misc/users/ and saved in xml format
Change: users can hide their e-mail addresses
Change: improved section admin panel
Change: now are listed also the files present in sections

Michele Tartara
Add: Gallery generates RSS 2.0 feeds

Giovanni Forte
Change: Flatcry theme upgrade (v1.2)

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